Namesort descending Synonyms Type of preservation Continent Country Age
Agapa fossil resin Cenomanian
Agdzhakend fossil resin Cenomanian
Aix-en-Provence impression Chattian
Álava fossil resin Aptian, Albian
Alfred Mine Bitterfeld/Delitz Allegheny Series, Delitz Allegheny Formation impression Moscovian
Amgu Amagu impression Priabonian, Rupelian, Chattian, Aquitanian, Burdigalian
Arkagala impression Cenomanian
Arkansas amber fossil resin Lutetian
Atanikerdluk impression Danian
Austrian amber fossil resin Early Cretaceous
Babiy Kamen impression Early Triassic
Baissa impression Asia-Temperate Russia Hauterivian, Barremian, Aptian
Bakhar impression Middle Jurassic, Late Jurassic
Bakhioti Georgia Langhian, Serravallian
Baltic amber fossil resin Europe Bartonian, Priabonian
Bandoc fossil resin Pliocene
Barstow Formation impression Langhian, Serravallian
Bayadag Turkmenistan Pliocene
Bayadag, Monzhukly Turkmenistan Pliocene
Bayan-Teg impression Middle Jurassic


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