At our school, the paleontological research conducted covers a variety of subject areas, including paleobiology, paleoecology, taphonomy, biostratigraphy, biogeography, and phylogenetics. Faculty and students combine field research in both modern and ancient settings with museum research and laboratory analyses to reconstruct past paleoenvironmental conditions and identify their ecological and evolutionary consequences through geologic time. Taken together, the research focuses on four key paleontological questions: How do organisms respond to environmental change and adapt to different environments?How is biodiversity distributed in…


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School programs

Program “I want to be a paleontologist”

Paleontology is more than just dinosaurs! Paleontology is the science of the history of life on Earth as recorded in…

In-depth program in paleontology

A club or amateur search is one thing, but we would like something professional. Where to go to study to…

Geomorphology and Paleogeography

The program introduces students to geomorphology, which studies the relief of the Earth's crust, its origin and history of development,…

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Elizabeth Eudy

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