Minutes of the First General Meeting

Minutes of the First General Meeting
held at 18.30 on 10th February and 11.30 on 11th February, 2005
in the Education Centre, South African National Biodiversity Institute
Pretoria, during Fossils X 3

Attendance: 46

1. President’s address

Alex Rasnitsyn gave a review of the society’s activities since the inaugural meeting.

2. Awards

Iraja Pinto was elected an Honorary Member and was presented with a silver gerarid by the President.
John Anderson was also presented with a silver gerarid for his help in organising this congress.

3. Thanks

Members expressed their grateful appreciation to the outgoing President, the Congress Sponsors (listed on p.2 of the Programme & Abstracts) and the staff of SANBI in the usual manner.

4. Society Statutes

The draft statutes of the society were distributed to members for consideration and possible adoption at the next Congress.

5. Membership

It was agreed by a majority (44:1) that a subscription fee be levied on members at a rate of fifteen euros (€15.00) per annum. Provision would be made for members to pay more (if able to) or less, depending on ability to pay. Members were encouraged to pay the Treasurer for two years at the meeting (ZAR250.00) to avoid costly bank charges later. Alex Rasnitsyn agreed to be Honorary Auditor.

6. Committees

6.1 Executive Committee: It was agreed that this be downsized to President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer plus a co-opted Congress Organiser. Nominations for the first four posts were Denis Brothers, Conrad Labandeira, Ewa Krzeminska and Ed Jarzembowski respectively; they were elected nem. con.

6.2 Scientific Committee: This new committee, reporting to the Executive Committee, was created to take the scientific activities of the Society forward, including ensuring proper standards. The composition of the Scientific Committee was agreed as follows:

Jes Rust (Chair and European Representative)
Ren Dong (Asian Representative)
Julian Petrulevicus (South American Representative)
Bruce Archibald (North American Representative)
Alexandr Ponomarenko (Russian Representative)
Wieslaw Krzeminski (Amber Representative)
Denis Brothers (President, ex-officio)
Conrad Labandeira (Vice-President, ex-officio).

The newly formed Committee was asked to review its membership needs, and could co-opt one/two additional members if required to fulfil its brief.

6.3 Journal Organiser: Given the potential for production of a journal (see below), it was decided to establish this position. The role would be that of journal production, whereas the Scientific Committee would be concerned with refereeing and policy matters. Liaison would be with the President and/or Chair of the Scientific Committee as necessary.

7. Next congress and journal

Three venues for the next Congress were offered: Beijing (China) and Alava (Spain) (both in 2007) and Lebanon (2008). Unfortunately, the last would clash with the International Entomological Congress, so was not considered further. The Alava offer included the free publication of a new journal, one of the Society’s objectives.

Alava was chosen by a secret ballot of members (28:16) for the next Congress, to be held during May-July, 2007. Consequent on this, Xavier Martinez-Delclos agreed to be co-opted to the Executive Committee as Congress Organiser. Antonio Arillo agreed to act as Journal Organiser.

Names were suggested for the new journal, including Alavesia and Ips after the generic names of insects. It was felt, however, that they were obscure and an additional title was needed, like Journal of the International Palaeoentomological Society. A final decision was not made.

8. Conservation

Bruce Archibald requested the Society’s support to help conserve Paleogene insect sites in North America, particularly the McAbee site in Canada. It was agreed that the President would write a supporting letter to the appropriate authorities. Members should send information on any other threatened sites to Bruce Archibald for a central register.

There being no other business, the meeting was closed by the President.

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