Minutes of the 5th General Meeting, Edinburgh, 28th April, 2016

5th general Meeting of the International Palaeontomological Society at the National Museums Scotland, Edinburgh
14:00 28TH April, 2016. Draft Minutes.

Attendance: 61

1. The minutes of the previous meeting were agreed and signed by the President.
2. No new Honorary Life Memberships were proposed but current ones were confirmed following registration (3 below).
3. President’s address (Dany Azar). The Society was now registered in France (Paris, 1st October) with the help of Olivier Bethoux and the priority now was to open a new bank account; the date of registration ought to be marked by a Fossil Insect Day!
4. Membership. The Treasurer (Jacek Szwedo) was investigating a new bank account in France and elsewhere for comparison. The annual membership fee for the next three years was set at 10 € (Ordinary Member), 5 € (Student Member) by a majority vote. The Membership Secretary (Iwona Kania) has updated the Membership list. The Webmaster (Vladimir Blagoderov) discussed the extensive library resource available from Paris and future on-line input could include fossil insect localities and collections as well as suitable presentations: volunteer help from the membership was needed.
5.  Conservation. The Secretary (Ed Jarzembowski) noted that no conservation report had been received but conservation issues would be considered regularly by the Scientific Committee.
6. Committee elections. The following officers were elected: Dany Azar (President), Ed Jarzembowski (Secretary), Jacek Szwedo (Vice-President), Olivier Bethoux (Treasurer); other committee members were Vladimir Blagoderov (Webmaster) and Iwona Kania (Membership). In compliance with registration, five regional members of the Scientific Committee were elected: Ren Dong, Julian Petrulevicius, Sarah Martin, Chungkun Shih and Xavier Delclos; other members of the Scientific Committee were elected by secret ballot: Bo Wang, Ewa Krzeminska, Andrew Ross, Sonya Wedmann, Torsten Wappler, Vincent Perrichot with Enrique Penalver and Monica Kraemer as substitutes.
7. A vote of thanks was made to the hosts of the Edinburgh Congress and retiring IPS officers and committee members.
8. The meeting ended at 15:25; 61 Members attended.
9. Next congress (2019) and venue: the Dominican Republic, agreed by a secret ballot of  congress delegates held on 29th April; the Student Awards were also announced on the same day: Xiaodan Lin (talk) and Alba Sanchez-Garcia (poster).

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