Austalis, a new genus of flower flies (Diptera: Syrphidae) with revisionary notes on related genera

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2003
Authors:C. F. Thompson
Pagination:1 - 19
Date Published:2003
Keywords:Australian Region, Key, rat-tailed maggots, Syrphidae, taxonomy

A new genus and species of flower flies are described from the Australian biotic region (AustalisbThompson & Vockeroth, type Eristalis resolutus Walker; Austalis rhina Thompson (Solomon Is.)). A key is provided to the groups of the subtribe Eristalina, along with nomenclatural notes and checklist of genus-group names. Five genus-group names and 1 species-group name are synonymized (Pseudomeromacrus Li, 1994 = Eristalinus (Merodonoides Curran, 1931)); Cryptoeristalis Kuznetzov 1994 = Eristalis (Eoseristalis Kanervo, 1938)); Paramesembrius Shiraki 1930, Klossia Curran, 1931 & Catacores Hull, 1944 = Kertesziomyia Shiraki, 1930; Eristalis maritima Hull, 1945 = Austalis resoluta (Walker, 1858)).

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