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This site is for the members of International Palaeoentomological Society. If you would like to become a member you can do it at the one of the regular meetings. Alternatively please contact Jacek Swedo (Treasurer) of Iwona Kania (Membership Secretary). You may be asked for recommendations of two other members of the Society.


Following resources are available to every visitor of the site: About Society, News, Literature, Events, Resource Links.

Forums, Collections, Localities, and Institutes are available only to the members of the Society.


One of the main resources of the site is e-library, which contains ~ 40,000 references on fossil insects and general topics of entomology, palaeontology, evolution, phylogenetics, ecology and biogeography. PDF library includes 33,245 e-reprints. While references can be used by every visitor, PDFs are available only to members.

Many references require editing, so if you wish to help to improve them, become an Editor

Members of the Society are encouraged to post their new publications and e-reprints (if available) here and then promote them elsewhere, for example on Paleoentomology FB group. Try to name PDFa as follows: Author_Year_Journal_Topic, to make file names unique, but please do not make them too long.


Members of the site (not the Society) can have different roles, and, as a result, access rights:
Authorised user: has access to all content on the site except private groups and can post comments to any content
Contributor: As Authorised user + can create any content and edit own content
Editor: As Contributor + can edit content created by anyone else. Please note, that being an editor is not a privilege, but a great work and responsibility. If you would like to be an Editor and improve content, please contact maintainer of the site.

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