AuthorsYearTitlesort ascending
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Nartshuk, E. P.2000A.8. Family Cryptochetidae
Hilger, S.2000A.7. Family Diopsidae
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Minář, J.2000A.5. Family Culicidae
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Krivosheina, N. P.1998A.3. Family Cramptonomyiidae
Krivosheina, M. G.2000A.2. Family Axymyiidae
Minář, J.2000A.16. Family Hypodermatidae
Minář, J.2000A.15. Family Oestridae
Minář, J.2000A.14. Family Gasterophilidae
A. C. Pont2000A.13. Family Fanniidae
de Jong, H.2000A.12. Family Scathophagidae
Ismay, J. W., Nartshuk E. P.2000A.11. Family Chloropidae
Meier, R., Pont A. C.2000A.10. Family Sepsidae
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J. Rohácek19983.9. Family Tanypezidae
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McALPINE, D. A. V. I. D. K.19983.7. Family Cypselosomatidae
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Hůrka, K.19983.56. Family Streblidae
Hůrka, K.19983.55. Family Nycteribiidae
H. - P. Tschorsnig, Richter V. A.19983.54. Family Tachinidae
Pape, T.19983.53. Family Rhinophoridae
Pape, T.19983.52. Family Sarcophagidae
K. Rognes19983.51. Family Calliphoridae
M. Suwa, Darvas B.19983.50. Family Anthomyiidae
C. F. Thompson, Rotheray G.19983.5. Family Syrphidae
Mathis, W. N., Zatwarnicki T.19983.49. Family Ephydridae
Papp, L.19983.48. Family Camillidae
Chandler, P. J.19983.47. Family Diastatidae
Chandler, P. J.19983.46. Family Campichoetidae
Bächli, G.19983.45. Family Drosophilidae
Papp, L.19983.44. Family Curtonotidae
J. Rohácek19983.43. Family Sphaeroceridae
T. A. Wheeler19983.42. Family Chyromyidae
Papp, L.19983.41. Families of Heleomyzoidea
McLean, I. F. G.19983.40. Family Chamaemyiidae
R. Disney, H. L.19983.4. Family Phoridae
Papp, L.19983.39. Family Cremifaniidae
Papp, L.19983.38. Family Celyphidae
Papp, L., Shatalkin A. I.19983.37. Family Lauxaniidae
R. U. D. O. L. F. ROZKOŠNÝ19983.36. Family Phaeomyiidae
R. U. D. O. L. F. ROZKOŠNÝ19983.35. Family Sciomyzidae
Ozerov, A. L.19983.34. Family Dryomyzidae
McALPINE, D. A. V. I. D. K.19983.33. Family Heterocheilidae
McALPINE, D. A. V. I. D. K.19983.32. Family Helcomyzidae
McALPINE, D. A. V. I. D. K.19983.31. Family Coelopidae
McALPINE, D. A. V. I. D. K.19983.30. Family Teratomyzidae


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