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Rasnitsyn, AP20021. Introduction to Palaeoentomology 1.1. Scope and Approach
Rasnitsyn, AP20021.2. Special Features of the study of fossil insects
Rasnitsyn, AP20021.3. Concise History of the Palaeoentomology
Sinitshenkova, ND19801980. Istoricheskoe razvitie klassa nasekomykh [Historical Development of the Class Insecta.]
Rasnitsyn, AP20022. Class Insecta Linné, 1758 The Insects (= Scarabaeoda Laicharting, 1781)
Rasnitsyn, AP20022.1. Subclass Lepismatona Latreille, 1804. The Wingless Insects (= Thysanura Latreille 1796, s. l.)
Rasnitsyn, AP20022.2. Subclass Scarabaeona Laicharting, 1781, The Winged Insects (=Pterygota Lang 1888)
Rasnitsyn, AP20022.2.1. Infraclass Scarabaeones Laicharting, 1781
Rasnitsyn, AP20022.2.1.1. Cohors Libelluliformes Laicharting, 1781 (=Subulicornes Latreille, 1807,= Hydropalaeoptera Rohdendorf, 1968)
Rasnitsyn, AP, Pritykina, LN20022. Superorder Libellulidea Laicharting, 1781. Order Odonata Fabricius, 1792. The Dragonflies
Rasnitsyn, AP20022.2.1.2. Cohors Cimiciformes Laicharting, 1781
Zherikhin, VV20012. Order Thripida Fallen, 1914 (= Thysanoptera Haliday, 1836). The thrips
Rasnitsyn, AP20022.2.1.3. Cohors Scarabaeiformes Laicharting, 1781. The Holometabolans
Rasnitsyn, AP20022. Order Jurinida M. Zalessky, 1928 (=Glosselytrodea Martynov, 1938)
Rasnitsyn, AP20022. Superorder Papilionidea Laicharting, 1781. (= Mecopteroidea Martynov, 1938)
Kozlov, MV, Ivanov, VD, Rasnitsyn, AP20022. Order Lepidoptera Linné, 1758. The Butterflies and Moths
Blagoderov, VA, Lukashevich, ED, Mostovki, MB20022. Order Diptera Linné. The true flies (= Muscida Laichartin, 1781)
Rasnitsyn, AP20022. Order Pulicida Billbergh, 1820. The Fleas (=Aphaniptera)
Rasnitsyn, AP20022. Superorder Vespidea Laicharting, 1781. Order Hymenoptera Linné, 1758. (=Vespida Laicharting, 1781)
Rasnitsyn, AP20022.2.2. Infraclass Gryllones Laicharting, 1781. The Grylloneans (=Polyneoptera Martynov, 1938)
Vršanský, P, Vishniakova, VN, Rasnitsyn, AP20022. Order Blattida Latreille, 1810. The Cockroaches (=Blattodea Brunner von Wattenvill, 1882)
Rasnitsyn, AP20022.2.2.2. Superorder Perlidea Latreille, 1802 (= Plecopteroidea Martynov, 1938)
D. Shcherbakov, Y20022. Order Forficulida Latreille, 1810. The earwigs and protelytropterans (= Dermaptera DeGeer, 1773 + Protelytroptera Tillyard, 1931) pp. 288-291
Rasnitsyn, AP20022. Order Embiida Burmeister, 1835. The Webspinners (= Embioptera Shipley, 1904)
Gorochov, AV, Rasnitsyn, AP20022.2.2.3. Superorder Gryllidea Laicharting, 1781 (=Orthopteroidea Handlirsch, 1903)
Rasnitsyn, AP, Zherikhin, VV20024. Appendix: Alphabetic list of selected fossil sites 4.1. Impression fossils
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