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Subramaniam, TV1927A new genus and species of the Strepsiptera from South India, Indoxenos membraciphaga gen. and sp. nov
Berry, EW1927A new type of caddis case from the Lower Eocene of Tennessee
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Shannon, RC1927A review of the South American two-winged flies of the family Syrphidae
Hatch, MH1927A revision of fossil Gyrinidae
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Huber, LL1927A taxonomic and ecological review of the North American chalcid-flies of the genus Callimome
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Esaki, T1927An interesting new genus and species of Hydrometridae (Hemiptera) from South America
Forsius, R1927An interesting new genus of Arginae from the Australian Region (Hym., Tenthr.)
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Heath, H1927Caste formation in the termite genus Termopsis
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Pic, M1927Contribution à l'étude des Coléoptères Malacodermes (1er article)
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Bathellier, J1927Contribution à l'étude systématique et biologique des termites de l'Indochine
Bathellier, J1927Contribution à l'étude systématique et biologique des termites de l'Indochine
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de Bergevin, E1927Description d'un nouveau genre et d'une nouvelle espèce de Psyllidae gallogène du Sud tunisien
Lallemand, V1927Description d’une nouvelle espèce de cercopide constituant un nouveau genre (Hemipt. Hom.)
Bedford, GAH1927Description of a new genus and species of Anoplura (Lemurphthirus galagus) from a lemur
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Greene, CT1927Descriptions of larvae and pupae of two-winged flies belonging to the family Leptidae
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Fouts, RM1927Descriptions of new Nearctic Serphoidea (Hymenoptera)
Fisher, WS1927Descriptions of new West Indian longicorn beetles of the subfamily Lamiinae
Fraser, FC1927Descriptions of twenty new Indian dragonflies
SILVESTRI, F1927Descrizioni di due nuove specie di Isoptera dell'Africa
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Frentzen, K1927Die fossile Insektenfauna der Obermiozänen kaltmergel von Öningen am Bodensee
Wasmann, E1927Die Paussiden des baltischen Bernsteins und die Stammesgeschichte der Paussiden
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Alexander, CP1927Diptera family Tipulidae subfamily Cylindrotomidae
Seguy, E1927Diptères (Brachycères) (Asilidae)
GOETGHEBUER, M1927Diptères (Nématocères) Chironomidae Tanypodinae


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