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Cockerell, TDAIn R1908A fossil larrid wasp
Cockerell, TDA1908A fossil leaf-cutting bee
Rohwer, SA1908A fossil mellinid wasp
Cockerell, TDA1908A fossil orthopterous insect with the media and cubitus fusing.
Williamson, EB1908A new dragonfly belonging to the Corduliinae, and a revision of the classification of the subfamily
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Banks, N1908A new genus and species of Neuroptera.
Casey, TL1908A new genus of Byrrhidae
RoHWER, SA1908A supplementary note by Cockerell, T.D.A
Marshall, GAK1908A synoptic revision of the Tanyrrhynchinae (Curculionidae)
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Torre, KWVDalla1908Anoplura
Cockerell, TDA1908Another fossil nemestrinid fly
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Reuter, OM1908Bemerkungen über Nabiden nebst Beschreibung neuer Arten
Reuter, OM1908Capsidae Mexicanae a Do. Bilimek collectae in Museo i.r. Vindobonensi asservatae enumeratae
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Bovie, A1908Coleoptera Curculionidae. Subfam. Entiminae
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Cockerell, TDA1908Description of Tertiary insects
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Bezzi, M1908Eine neue Aphoebantus-Art aus den palaearktischen Faunengebiete (Dipt.)


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